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Job Hunting: Should You Lower Your Expectations?

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Navigating the job market is hard enough but trying to make your way through a system littered with challenges like downsizing, outsourcing, restructuring, and so on has undoubtedly made things worse.

And so, what should you do? Some would tell you to lower your expectations – would you be wrong for listening?

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should lower your expectations, when hunting for a job, there are some important factors you should take into consideration.

One of those factors is determining your immediate financial need. Do you have a family to support? Do you have student loan payments, a mortgage, or car payments that you need to make? If so, your need for a job may be quite high, especially if you are not receiving compensation from any other source. If your survival depends on being employed, you may need to lower your expectations, just to hold you over.

Now you might be asking, “If I lower my expectations, would it not be, essentially, lowering my results?” Yes and no.

Typically, lower wage jobs require no special education or skill and therefore can be acquired quickly. Although these jobs may be the first rung on a career ladder, they can often lead to higher-paying work, including opportunities to learn new skills. The “real” value of these jobs are the training and new relationships you inevitably make.

Another important factor that needs to examine is the nature of your relationships (both past and present). Have you nurtured and cultivated strong relationships with superiors, colleagues, family, and friends that you can now count on to help build that job search momentum? If you have, great! It shouldn’t be long before you get your groove back. But if you haven’t – lowering your expectations may no longer be a decision you have any control over, it may be your only option. Time for a do-over!

Of course, what you need to remember is that if you do need to lower your expectations when job hunting, it is just temporary. Even while working that temporary job, you should continue searching for opportunities within the current organization or elsewhere. Keep after your goals and you will find an opportunity that you are more than qualified for and that compensates you well enough for you to be very comfortable.

If and when that time comes, it is important that you remember that nothing has to be permanent or forever etched in stone. You can turn everything that happens into an opportunity to empower your next course of action. As the saying goes, when one door closes, usually one or more doors are opened.

So how do you identify these open doors? The magic word here is ‘preparation’ and your resume should serve as the foundation of your preparatory efforts. Remember that you can only count on employers to spend an average of ten-to-twenty seconds scanning your resume before deciding whether to review it further or file it in the ‘not interested’ pile. The key is to have a resume designed and formatted in such a way that it leads the employer’s eye to words that speak to their needs. That’s what we do at REDInk™ Resumes.

REDInk™ Resumes was developed by recruiters and visual designers, and we know what you need to make your résumé stand out among the competition. That’s not all – we’ll deliver all the development services you need to secure that interview – and get your dream job.

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One thought on “Job Hunting: Should You Lower Your Expectations?

It’s definitely about preparation, but I’ll add, it’s also about networking really hard

Layla De Nero
April 9, 2014

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