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Should You Get Someone To Write & Design Your Resume?

should you use a resume writer

Are you in the process of looking for a new job? If so, you will likely come across numerous job listings for which you would like to apply. As you know, when applying for a job, you are almost always required to submit a copy of your resume.

Since you want to put your best foot forward, it is usually advised that your resume is professional in nature. A professionally-written resume is one that will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams (or the stepping stone towards the job of your dreams).

But after pondering long and hard, you decide you can take on this endeavor yourself. Besides, who knows you better than you, right?

The benefits of using a resume writer

You’re not alone in this thinking. There are many job seekers who wonder if they should hire the services of a resume writer. In all honesty, the decision whether to hire the services of a resume writer is yours to make. However, there are some clear advantages to hiring a professional to get it done right.

Many resume writers have extensive training and experience writing resumes for a number of industries. In fact, you may find that some have also worked as hiring managers or executive recruiters (our team at REDInk has a combined 20+ years of training, education, experience, and expertise as recruiters…we know shameless plug there!). These types of professional writers are the best ones to do business with because they can not only write professional resumes, they also often know what hiring employers look for in a resume.

Another one of the many benefits of hiring a resume writer is their ability to capture and highlight your key attributes and achievements that you may have overlooked. It is vital to have certain accomplishments, experiences, education, etc. positioned in a way that best represents your capabilities and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you are inexperienced with this style of writing or developing resumes, in general, it could take you days or even weeks to flush out those key highlights your resume should illustrate to give you the best chance of being noticed. So if the decision boils down to whether to use a resume writer or not – I think the decision is quite simple. Hire us!

REDInk™ Resumes was developed by recruiters and visual designers, and we know what you need to make your résumé stand out among the competition. That’s not all – we’ll deliver all the development services you need to secure that interview – and get your dream job.

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